The Darkening of Mirkwood

With a Little Help from my Friends

Starting Again

Rivendell, the Last Homely House of the West, is where the party spent their time of much needed rest after braving the forest of Mirkwood and a meeting with the Eagles. During this respite the group sharpened their skills while Elrond spent much time in his study attempting to decipher the message they had captured from an orc messenger in the east of Mirkwood. On Midsummer’s Eve the group is called to Elrond’s study and they learn that the letter indicates that Sauron was not vanquished when he was forced out of Dol Guldur by the White Council, and he still has dark intentions for the Free Peoples of the North. Elrond counsels them that the other Free Peoples need to be informed and make preparations to counter the newest mechanizations of the Dark Lord. The party then decides that they will leave Rivendell and will first warn the Woodmen at Mountain Hall and Rosgobel, before heading north to the land of the Beornings and then the Woodland Realm.

They make it over the Misty Mountains without incident and are received at Mountain Hall as little more than strangers, until Omund is recognized by the guard as an archer of legend and the guard agrees to take them to Hartfast, the lord of the hall. After some conversation (with varying levels of success) Hartfast is persuaded enough to consider their case, and sends three emissaries with the party to discuss these bad tidings with other elders of the Woodman communities at Rhosgobel.

After braving the land between the mountains and the wood, and allowing the Beornings guarding the ford to relieve them of a good bit of silver, the company arrives at Rhosgobel. There they take part in a council involving the Woodman elders and Radagast regarding the contents of the letter, its validity, the quality of the translation, and its impact on the Woodmen community. Radagast vouches for the veracity of the letter and its translation, and the minds of the elders then turn to their defence. They implore the party to beseech Thranduil in his woodland hall to send warriors south to help protect the lands of the Woodmen. If he can help them in Southern Mirkwood, so much better for him in protecting his Woodland Realm from the ravages of the Enemy. The party agrees to carry this message to the Elven King, but decide to first make their way to the halls of Beorn so that he to may also make preparations to face this new menace…



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