The Darkening of Mirkwood

Into the Woods

After spending some time at the Easterly Inn, the party decided to investigate the signs and stories of battle to the north with the Viglundings. Just north of where the the Elf Path enters Mirkwood the group came across the burned up remains of a homestead being attacked by an unknown group of bandits. The Beorning family of the homestead was holed up in the stable by the marauders, but the group helped to fight off the attack and kill the leader of the group. Unfortunately the eldest son was wounded in the fight, apparently mortally, until Pyter intervened with an herbal remedy. Seeking a place of relative safety to heal, the group took the family to the Easterly Inn where Olo and most of the family remains while the rest of the party and the father traveled to Beorn’s House to relay the news of the attack. While at Beorn’s the group also conveyed the bad tidings contained in the Black Speech letter, which left him relatively unimpressed given his current conflict with the Viglundings. The following morning the group set out back for the Easterly Inn to pick up Olo before journeying on to the palace of the Elven King on the other side of Mirkwood.

While journeying through Mirkwood the group was stopped by an Elven patrol which explained that they were actually expected in the Woodland realm. The patrol captain does not render further details , but she does blindfold all the members of the party before leading them deep into the forest. After a couple days march the group was led inside a series of caves and relieved of their blindfolds before meeting the chamberlain of the palace who was less than thrilled to see such a motley group of outsiders. After waiting a few hours with nothing but a pitcher of water to keep them company the group was led to an audience chamber and introduced to Thranduil. The king of the Woodland Realm happened to be taking part in a hunt in that part of the forest when word reached him from Radagast concerning a message that was headed toward him regarding a new threat to all dwellers of the forest. After listening to the group and their concerning letter about a possible attack from southern Mirkwood, he dismissed them making provision for them to remain in the palace for the night. Now the group must rest and wonder what the king is planning regarding the defense of the forest…



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