The Darkening of Mirkwood


The worthy company set out from Rhosgobel laden with the letter from Elrond and now an epistle from Radagast asking the Elven King to come to the Woodmen’s aid against the blow that was soon to fall upon them. Due to the bad blood between Olo and the Beornings, the party decided to take Olo to his hometown of Stillwater ostensibly to leave Olo while the rest of the group went to warn Beorn of his peril. Seeing no designated center of town upon coming into Stillwater, the party knocked on the door of a hobbit hole in a bank east of town and was greeted by the family of Fosco Puddifoot, the Postmaster of Stillwater.

It took a little bit of convincing for Fosco to believe that a motley group of adventurers appearing out of the Wild meant him no harm, but after that he invited the group in and gave them a place to sleep for the night. Omund had the fortitude to try to sleep on the beds of two hobbit children, while Pytr and Telearel spent the night outside in the autumn air. Only Olo got a good night’s sleep. Beneath the stars that night Telearel thought he saw a pale light twinkle down in the town near the water, but it winked out as quickly as it appeared. Upon investigation of the area where he thought he saw the light, Telearel, Pyter, and Beren found a small pile of golden rings, earrings, and pendants just dropped in the middle of the road. The day before, Fosco had alluded to conflicting rumors going around the town of someone (or something) lurking about described as a ghost or goblin stealing women’s jewelry and/or terrorizing children in their beds. When morning came, the virtuous crew returned the loot to Fosco and further investigated the site in question with him. There they found a print in the mud that was clearly not a goblin or an orc print, but that of a hobbit or small human. The mix of human children and hobbits living in the area made it very difficult to narrow down who might be responsible, but Fosco said he would bring it up at the next weekly town meeting.

After being generously fed a very filling breakfast the entire party (including Olo) made for the Easterly Inn. Upon arrival Beren was met by the Inn’s dog, and the group was soon greeted at the doorstep by the owner of the inn, Dody Brandybuck. He welcomed them warmly and attended to all their needs after making sure they were provided with their libation of choice. Olo and Pytr were brave enough to try a fiery concoction of stiff drinks that had a reddish-golden hue and was aptly named ‘Smaug.’ Olo managed to keep his wits while downing the drink, however Pytr was finished before the drink was and needed the assistance of friends to make it to bed.
The next day Pytr made it to breakfast only after soothing his headache with some herbs he found in his pack. During breakfast the group learns from Dody that fighting between the Beoirnings and Viglundings explains the columns of smoke they had seen to the north while on the road yesterday, and why there were no other guests at the inn. The group informs Dody that there is new trouble brewing to the south which makes him visibly distressed, and he implores the party to beseech both Beorn and the King of the Woodland Realm to aid in bringing peace to the area. At the conclusion of breakfast the team decides that they must first go to Beorn before heading into the woods, but the question of what to do with Olo in the meantime still remains a sticking point…



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